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About Us

Kawaii Con Puerto Rico is the first Kawaii subculture convention that was held in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. This event encourages and invites everyone to participate in an exchangeable cultural experience in which you can explore and learn about different lifestyles, fashion, and art developed around Pop Japanese culture, centered on everything kawaii.


More than 70 artists and local businesses will be able to use the space at Kawaii con.   Together with art and dance workshop (J-Pop/K-pop), alternative fashion shows, conferences, live entertainment, theme zones, cosplay, fashion and dance competitions, and much more.


In Puerto Rico, anime and kawaii culture are at an all-time high. For many, it has become a way of life and a place where they feel identified and reciprocated. As a result, the Kawaii Con is presented as a safe space for all those on the Island who identify with this community. The Kawaii Con advocates for cultural diversity, free expression, gender equality, and neuro-divergent communities. It is a place where empathy, self-love, and community service are encouraged. The first edition of Kawaii Con Puerto Rico will take place.

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